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The Trestleboard - December 2004 | Volume 4 No. 4
IN THIS ISSUE:Pittsburg Lodge No. 187 AF&AM
Membership ReportChartered: Oct. 15,1879
Perpetual Life MembersDarrell W. Masoner, Master
Perpetual MemorialsMarvin Armstrong, Sec.
Special Contributions2nd Mondays 7:00pm
Message From W:. TindelDaylight Lodge 4th Mondays 9:00am
Message from New MasterCoffee Club 1st Mondays 8:00am
Saga of WW I FlagStudy Club - As Called
Library Reports 
2005 Lodge OfficersPittsburg York Rite Bodies
Calendar of Events2nd Tuesdays 7:00pm
Masonic PoemExcept July & August
 Pittsburg Chapter No. 58
 Royal Arch Masons
 Chartered: Feb. 19, 1884
 Tom Jacks, High Priest
 Silver Trowel Council No. 27
 Cryptic Masons
 Chartered: Mar. 29, 1983
 Tyler Batley, Illustrious Master
 Montjoie Commandery No 29
 Knights Templar
 Chartered: May 9, 1888
 Tyler Batley, Commander
 Marvin Armstrong, Recorder
 Masonic Building Association
of Pittsburg, KS, Inc.
 Douglas E. Keller, President
Membership Statistics  
AF&AMRoyal ArchCouncilCommandery
Jan 1, 2004418158113150
Admitted (Transfer)2200
New Members7575
Suspended (Non-Pymt)171176
Total Dec 31, 2004398150104144

Cecil L Wallace
James “Wes” Wright
Ralph E. Wright
Rollie P Emmitt
George V Clark
Paul L. Redd
George Dainty
Oscar D Ford
Shirley O Wisdom
Charles M. Lamb Jr
Allen Dale Brown
Frank Martino
David L Pistole
James E Markwick
Ralph R. Spicer
Dean E Wood

Perpetual Life Members - Pittsburg Lodge No. 187 AF&AM
Marvin Armstrong
Charles C Blatchley PhD
Richard E Oakes
James White, PdD
Oscar Fettig - Contract
A Franklin Baldwin
Darrell W Masoner
David PurdyTom R Butler - Contract
Danny Hickman - Contract
Tyler K Batley
Billy D McMillin
Rance L. Walls
T J Duncan - Contract

Perpetual Life Members - Pittsburg Chapter Royal Arch
Marvin Armstrong
Keith Carr - Contract
Donald B Kelley
Tyler K. Batley
Gary Goebel
Darrell W. Masoner
Tom R Butler
Bruce Jeffers
Billy D. McMillin

Perpetual Life Members - Silver Trowel Council No. 27
Marvin Armstrong
Keith Carr - Contract
Donald B Kelley
Joe Richtal
Tyler K Batley
Gary Goebel
Darrell W Masoner
Tom R Butler
Bruce Jeffers
Billy D McMillin

Perpetual Life Members Montjoie Commandery No. 29
Marvin Armstrong
Keith Carr - Contract
Donald B. Kelley
Tyler K. Batley
Gary Goebel
Darrell W Masoner
Tom R. Butler
Bruce Jeffers
Billy D McMillin

Masonic Charity

The Pittsburg Scottish Rite Club, which meets at the Masonic Center, in concert with Pittsburg Lodge No. 187 conducted a food/toy drive to assist the fine effort of Pittsburg's Wesley House this Christmas season.

Thanks to all who contributed to this great cause and special thanks to W:. David Purdy who delivered the goodies to Wesley House.

Let's hope we can make this an annual affair!

To the members of Pittsburg Lodge No. 187:

As I reflect upon the year 2004 as your Worshipful Master, I realize what an honor it has been to work with both the Officers and the membership of this great lodge. There is not room to list the names of everyone who have contributed so much to make this a year I will always remember. Special thanks to W:. Delbert Brooksher and W:. Doug Keller and all who helped them prepare and serve those great meals; to Bros Danny Hickman and Phil Lord for their hard work in keeping the building humming, andbringing the Old Temple Stone 'home', and to W:. Bro. Marvin and those who helped him in the office. Also, special thanks to Rob Morris Chapter No. 73 OES for the great meal they provided at our 1-Day class and their gracious monetary donation!

Our projects went well: The Pancake Days for Masonic Band were very successful, and I hope our rummage sale will encourage all to make it an annual affair.

I feel fortunate and grateful to have had the support and assistance of a great line of officers, and with all confidence that the officers for 2005 will give Worshipful Darrell the same loyal support.

With warmest regards,
    Wm. R. “Dick” Tindel


Oscar K. Fettig, who has filled so many shoes, for so many years, most recently Treasurer for several years, has asked to step down, and it is with sadness that the membership has yielded to his request. Many years ago, Fettig Heating and Air was awarded the contract to convert the heating system in the old Temple on Sixth Street to a forced air system. Oscar said he didn't realize that a 'lifetime warranty' would be assumed, but that is what happened, and for years on end, when anything, anywhere, went wrong, the answer was “call Oscar.“ And when it came time to build the new building, once again it was ”call Oscar.” He answered and devoted more than two years of time and work, designing and guiding the erection of our new Hall.

Oscar has served all our bodies with honor and distinction, and our nation as well, as a highly decorated veteran of during WW II. His delivery of the Flag Lecture in the Order of The Temple reflects his passion for our country.

It is hard to see him step down as Treasurer, but his footprints and handiwork are all over the Lodge for us to see forever, and we sincerely hope that he will still be available to lend us his expertise and advice for many more years.

Thank you, Oscar. May God richly bless you.


Darrell W.Masoner was elected and installed as Worshipful Master of Pittsburg Lodge No. 187. The installation ceremony was presided over by Past Grand Master M:.W:. Mark Nelson, on December 15, 2004.

W:. Darrell was born March 15, 1949 in Monett, MO. His family lived in Kansas City and later in Joplin, Mo, but he has lived in Pittsburg since 1974. He married Pamela J. Marshall on March 11, 1978; they have three children and eight grandchildren.

Masoner graduated Joplin High and attended the University of Arkansas before joining the U.S. Navy. After completion of active duty, he attended Wichita State University, earing a BS degree in 1980. He earned a MS degree from Pittsburg State University in 1986 and is also a 1987 graduate of the FBI National Academy. W:. Darrell was employed by PSU as Director of Police and Parking Services for 24 years, retiring in June, 2004.

W:. Darrell was raised a Master Madson in Pittsburg 187 Nov 11, 1976; he holds Perpetual Life Membership in No. 187 and currently serves as Trustee for the Kansas Masonic Foundation.

Darrell is also holds Perpetual Life Memberships in Pittsburg Chapter No. 58 Royal Arch Masons; Silver Trowel Council No. 27 Cryptic Masons; Montjoie Commandery No. 29 Knights Templar; Valley of Ft Scott Scottish Rite where he is a 32o KCCH and Past Venerable Master of the Lodge of Perfection and current Class Director.

Darrell became a member of Mirza Shrine in 1978, where he also holds Perpetual Life Membership, and served as Potentate in 1998 and currently a Temple Trustee, and has numerous other Masonic associations.

We look forward to capitalize on Bro. Darrell's extensive experience and Masonic connections to achieve a great year in 2005.


Douglas Keller has been elected and installed as the Treasurer for Pittsburg Lodge No. 187. Worshipful Doug is a Past Master of Pittsburg No. 187; Past High Priest of Pittsburg Chapter No. 58 Royal Arch; Past Illustrious Master of Silver Trowel Council No. 27, Cryptic Masons, and Past Commander of Montjoie Commandery No 29, Knights Templar, and Past President of the Pittsburg Masonic Building Assn., Inc.

W:. Bro. Doug is a teacher in the Frontenac School system, a truly outstanding Mason who brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and judgment to serve us in this important position.

The Saga of the WW I Service Flag

Several months ago Brother Tyler Batley discovered this beautiful hand-made flag hidden behind the picture of Bro. George Washington which had been in our lodge for years.

Tyler has extensively researched both the proceedings of Grand Lodge and No. 187; discovered the names they represent, and the lady who made the flag and has documented this research.

This is a priceless artifact of Pittsburg Masonic history, one that we should honor. The stars on this flag represent 107 or the 700+ members of Pittsburg Lodge #187 .....numbered among more than 5600 members of Masonic Lodges in Kansas...who served our country in World War I. The names of these 107 are posted in the Lodge...some were leaders in the community, busy, successful men who were loyal to their country and found time to serve our Fraternity. Searching our history, one will develop a new appreciation for that period from 1850 to 1950. So many monmuntal events and developments took place in this great country and throughout the world, it is hard to comprehend how they were able to accomplish them, with so few resources available to them. And so many of them were accomplished by those whom we call “ Brother”!

We recently visited with Bro. Jack Lacey, Secretary of Adams Lodge No 63 in Oswego, who, in his reviews of Lodge records has developed a deep appreciation for our Brothers of earlier years. Records in both our Lodges reveal that although lodge dues may have been only 3 or 4 dollars a year, members were frequently issued “assessments” to meet unforseen expenses, or to provide for distressed worthy Brothers. It is indeed humbling to consider their commitment.

The Flag has been preserved and framed and we are asking for donations to cover the cost of the preservation of this most valuable artifact.
Flag Fund Contributors:
Douglas Keller
Marvin Armstrong
Bobby Henderson
Tom Butler
Oscar Fettig
Chuck Blatchley
Dee Ward
David Purdy
Richard Oakes

More Books Added to Our Masonic Library

Bro Arnold Flottman, Jr 33o recently donated more volumes from his personal collection to our Lending Library, making certain series of Scottish Rite History and Literature quite complete. I urge every member to take advantage of this growing resource.

One of the books attracted my attention. It is a rather large book..more than 1,000 pages of The History of the Scottish Rite Bodies of the District of Columbia - covering the years 1870 to 1970 written by Ralph H. Gauker, 33°.

As I glanced at the book, admitting that I am a slow reader, I thought “Boy, this will be a slow read.” A few days later I took the book home and on opening it found the first 80 or so pages were from “The Diary and Correspondence of Benjamin Brown French” edited by his grandson, Amos Tuck French, a few copies of which were printed for private circulation in 1904. Those first 80 pages were so compelling, I could not put it down! The balance of the book cover minutes of various Scottish Rite Bodies and related correspondence during the same period.

Now I had never heard of either of the Brothers French, but after a few internet inquiries I learned that Benjamin French was a Masonic giant, an important figure in both the U.S. Government and in business as well. Born Sept. 4, 1800 in Chester New Hampshire, he was Master of his Lodge in New Hampshire for 3 consecutive years; Grand Master of the District of Columbia for 7 consecutive years, and laid the Corner Stones at the East Extension of the Capitol Building, Washington Monument and Smithsonian Institute. Served his Royal Arch Chapter as Excellent High Priest; Eminent Commander of his Commandery for 12 years and Grand Master of the Grand Encampment.

He became a Scottish Rite Mason in 1859 and was the first 33rd degree Mason in Washington, D.C. He had a fatal heart attack in 1870.

The entries from his diary are just spellbinding...relating his association with the likes of Samuel F. B. Morse, Albert Pike and President Abraham Lincoln, whom he served.

These candid expressions of private thoughts on many subjects are most revealing and his account of the interaction between the York and Scottish Rites during these turbulent years in our country's history are fascinating.

It will be several weeks before I will be able to return this volume to our library shelves, and although I know it is not a book everyone will want to read from cover to cover, I hope many will take the time to read some of it.

For all of us, now and in the years to come, who will benefit from your generosity, Thank you, Brother Arnold.

A F & A M
Marvin Armstrong
Wm. “Bill” Noble
Tom Cameron
Joe Engle
Arthur Davis
Allen Hall
John Depaoli
Velton Stewart
Royal Arch
Marvin Armstrong
Bob Joe James
Harrison Underhill
Carl Carr
Douglas Keller
Paul Wilbert
John Depaoli
Billy D. McMillin
Gary Goebel
Roy Surridge
Marvin Armstrong
Don Hadlock
Charles Blatchley
Harrison Underhill
Carl CarrJohn Depaoli
Marvin Armstrong
Oscar Fettig
Tom Cameron
Donald Kelley
Carl Carr
Harrison Underhill
John Depaoli
Paul Wilbert

The 'principles' of these perpetual memorials, as well as those of the Perpetual life memberships on the preceding page are invested in special endowment funds managed by the Grand Lodge and Grand York Rite, the earnings of which will be returned to these bodies FOREVER.


The happiness of the Christmas season is diminished for Lodge Secretaries as this is the time when they must compile and report to Grand Lodge the names of our Brothers who have been admitted to the Grand Lodge Above, and also those who have been suspended for non-payment of dues. The list this year is longer than in most years, as reflected by the numbers on page One.

This is a matter of great concern to your Officers. We try to keep our dues as low as possible. Our dues collections do not cover the cost of Taxes, Utilities, Maintenance, Postage, etc., and we rely on fund-raisers and additional contributions to cover the shortage.

Our Blue Lodge dues are less than the cost of one cigarette a day, and the cost of a cup of coffee a day at a restaurant would cover the cost of Blue Lodge, York Rite, Scottish Rite, Shrine AND several club and unit dues.

If there are truly, some who are unable to pay dues, we should assist them...indeed some contributors on the following page have done just that for which we are grateful.

We are most grateful to our great members who have made contributions, above and beyond their dues; those who have joined the “125 Club”, and of course those who have established Perpetual Life Memberships and/or Perpetual Memorials. The proceeds from these endowment accounts, should nearly cover the cost of our building insurance by the year 2006! We congratulate Bro. Rance Walls upon completion of his PLM contract and Bro. Oscar Fettig, who recently enrolled in a PLM contract. Oh, had we only been able to start something like this a generation ago.

John Chester
J. B. Stacy
Bob Dittmann
Floyd Lanning, Sr.
Lawrence Bowyer
Arnold Schultze
Joseph Rinard
Jack Harmon
Ephraim Glasser
Rex Armstrong
Bob Joe James
John Crim
Louis Duff
George V. Clark
W. E. Grandy
David Purdy
Roger Curran
David Thompson
Kenneth Coulter
Robert Nichols
Roger Moore
Charles Clugston
Delbert Brooksher
Harley Smith
Arnold Flottman, Jr
Adam Lusker
Leon Jursche
Lonnie Lipoglav
Philip Lord
Wm. Horton
Dale Foote
Chester Wells
Bill Albers
Charles Tustin
Roy Surridge
Richard Oakes

125 Club

Bro. Wm. Hagman, JR suggested we create a “125 Club” in recognition of the 125 years of Freemasonry in Pittsburg, and encourage as many as can to make a contribution of $125.00 to create a special fund to conduct a project or event to celebrate this anniversary year.

The drive will continue until the end of our 125th year, at which time we will solicit recommendations rom the contributors and proceed with the project of their choice.

Contributors to this special drive will receive one of the beautiful commemorative ornaments.

To date, the following have made contributions:

Wm. Hagman, Jr.
Leon Jursche
Jack R Harmon
Tyler Batley
Marvin Armstrong
Glenn Allan
August Rua
George Graham
Children of Tom Cameron - In His Memory

Calendar of events:
Jan. 29School of Instruction for District 8 Lodges at Weir, KS
Feb 2Pittsburg Scottish Rite Club
Feb 12Ozark Trails Council Boy Scouts Awards Dinner
Feb 18Crispus Conclave Red Cross of Constantine (Ladies Night)
Feb 19Annual George Washington 4-State Festival at Webb City
March 3Pittsburg Scottish Rite Club
March 12OES Grand Officers at Rob Morris for Initiation Ceremony
March 18-19Grand Lodge AF&AM at Salina
March 24Maundy Thursday
April 2Mirza Shrine Potentate's Ball
April 6 - 9Grand York Rite of Kansas at Wichita
April 9Scottish Rite Spring Reunion - Ft Scott
April 9Scottish Rite Reunion - Ft Scott
May 20Crispus Conclave Red Cross of Constantine
May 21Spring Pancake day for Masonic Band and Mirza Shriners Spring Ceremonial
Nov 13Scottish Rite Fall Reunion Ft Scott HRAKTP at Kansas City
Nov 19Fall Pancake day for Masonic Band and Mirza Shriners Fall Ceremonial


“The temple made of wood and stone, will crumble and decay,
But there's a viewless fabric which shall never fade away;
Age after the Masons strive to consummate the plan,
But still the work's unfinished, the immortal three began;
None but immortal eyes may view, complete in all its parts,
The temple formed of living stones, -the structure made of hearts.

'Neath every form of government, in every age and clime;
Amid the world's convulsions and the ghastly wrecks of time;
While empires rise in splendor, and are conquered and o'erthrown,
And cities crumble into dust, their very sites unknown;
Beneath the sunny smiles of peace, the threatening frown of strife,--
Freemasonry has stood unmoved, with age renewed her life.

She claims her votaries in all climes, for none are under ban
Who place implicit trust in God, and love their fellowman;
The heart that shares another's woe beats just as warm and true
Within the breast of Christian, Mohammedan or Jew;
She levels all distinctions from the highest to the least,--
The king must yield obedience to the peasant in the East.

What honored names on history's page, o'er whose brave deeds we pore,
Have knelt before our sacred shrine and trod our checkered floor.
Kings, princes, statesmen, heroes, bards, who squared their actions true,
Between the pillars of the porch now pass in long review;
Oh brothers, what a glorious thought for us to dwell upon,--
The mystic tie that binds out hearst bound that of Washington!

Although our past achievements we with honest pride review,
As long as there's rought ashlars there is work for us to do;
We still must shape the living stones with instruments of love
For that eternal mansion in the paradise above;
Toil as we've toiled in ages past to carry out the plan,
'Tis this,-The Fatherhood of God, the Brotherhood of man!”
-Lawrence M. Greenleaf

If you have events you would like to show on this site, send us an e-mail, by going to the "Contact Us" page.
  Secretary and Web Master - Marvin A. Armstrong
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