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Welcome Brothers and Friends!
This site is designed to keep you up-to-date with the Masonic Bodies of Pittsburg, Kansas; and for those interested in becoming a Mason to find out a little more about what being a Mason is all about.

Pittsburg (Kansas) Lodge No. 187 meets on the Second Monday of each month at 7:00 pm, throughout the year. Daylight Lodge is held on the Fourth Monday of each month at 9:00 am.

A Little History
Chartered Oct 16, 1879, Pittsburg Lodge No 187 held its meetings in several locations. As the city and the Lodge grew, the need for a permanent home was obvious. This building at the corner of 6th and Pine Streets erected in 1908 was the home of our Blue Lodge, York Rite and Eastern Star until 1998.

Our old building became structurally unsound and it was determined to build a new building. The site was purchased by First Presbyterian Church and razed. The lower arches were preserved as a landmark.

Many of the items in the old building were dear to our members including the stained glass dome which was carefully removed and refurbished by Brother Oscar Fettig then installed in the new building.

We are proud to have carried the old tradition to our new facility, and hope that any brothers who are in our area will stop by and take part in our lodge.

Goethe, a great Mason, said that talent may develop in solitude, but character is created in society. It is the fruit of fellowship. Genius may shine aloof and alone, like a star, but goodness is social, and it takes two men and God to make a Brother. We are tied together, seeking that truth which none may learn for another, and none may learn alone. No one of us is strong enough not to need the companionship of good men and the consecrations of great ideals. Here lies, perhaps, the deepest meaning and value of Masonry, it is a fellowship of men seeking goodness, and to yield ourselves to its influence, to be drawn into its spirit and quest, is to be made better than ourselves.
  Secretary and Web Master - Marvin A. Armstrong
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